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Automatic Counting Machine Production Line

From sorting bottles to labeling stickers, the automatic counting line includes everything you need to get your capsules or tablets into a container. 

It is intended to operate completely automatically, with only one person monitoring the entire operation.


Tablets Capsules Candies Gummies

Work procedure

The Integrated Line includes

1. Bottle Unscrambler: Organzie messy bottles.

2. Counting Machine: Counting pills and filling into bottle.

3. Desiccant Inserter: Stuff the desiccant into the bottle.

4. Alu-foil Sealing Machine: Seal the bottle lip with aluminum foil.

5. Capping Machine: Tighten the cap, with anti-lock prevents excessive damage.

6. Labeling Machine: Stick a label on the body of the bottle automatically.

Enjoy the Video of Counting Machine Line

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