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Capsule Filling Machine

With over 30 years of experience, as a Fortune 500 supplier, we provide lifetime warranty automatic, semi-automatic and liquid capsule filling machines to meet your capsule filling needs.

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It is suitable for fill hard hollow capsules with powder, granules, oil or liquid.

Fill Powder Fill Granule Fill Liquid/Oil

Three Different Models for Your Demands

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:


Capsule filling automatically without manual

-Lower labor costs
-Higher output than semi automatic

-size:#000 to #5
-materials: powder, granule, pellet

Small Capacity Medium Capacity Large Capacity For Lab

Max 24,000 pcs/h Max 90,000 pcs/h Max 228,000 pcs/h Max 24,000 pcs/h

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:


-Lower cost and user-friendly.

-Easy operation
-lower purchase cost

-size:#000 to #5
-materials: pellet, powder, granule

Medium Capacity Large Capacity

Max 30,000 pcs/h Max 40,000 pcs/h

Liquid Capsule Filling Machine:


-fill liquid or oil into hard capsules and seal.

-No leakage patented technology
-No pollution, meets cGMP

-size: #000 to #3
-materials: liquid, oil

Semi-Automatic Full-Automatic

Max 10,000 pcs/h Max 18,000 pcs/h

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