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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

--Also called as multi-station tablet press, can efficiently press powder or granules into tablets with different sizes and shapes.

--According to different needs, with customized dies, the tablets can be pressed into such as round, triangle, ring, special-shaped and multi color or layer.


Spercial Shape
Big Diameter

How Tablet Press Machine Work

The Range of Tablet Press Machines

Small Capacity Medium Capacity Large Capacity For Big Diameter

ZP-9B ZP-29D ZP-26/50D ZP-15/19E
Max 16,200 pcs/h
Max 75,000 pcs/h
Max 330,000 pcs/h
Diamater Max 60 mm

Model 9B 15/19E
Output (pcs/h) 16,200 45,600 75,000 330,000
Punch Pressure (KN) 40 100 100 150, Pre 150
Max Diameter (mm) 20 40 24 10
Max Thickness (mm) 6 15 12 8
Weight (kg) 210 1,850 1,600 1,660

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